Friday, 6 September 2013

Unfriendly Neighbourhood Spider-Dan... Also "Hidden"...

I really did YET ANOTHER self portrait to showcase the kind of personalised commissions that I'm offering up. These commissions can be very specific. For example, the last one I did was of a girl chasing her boyfriend in a wedding dress that was stained with blood. Her boyfriend was dressed as Batman without the face mask. I know, right?! I've also been contacted for a future Breaking Bad custom commission too. Now, I wanted to get this image out there a little so I've posted it to illustration friday under the theme "hidden". As in, my not so hidden identity as Spider-Dan. Yeah? Ooohhh that was being awfully cheeky wasn't it? I see people post stuff on that page all the time though that ties in far less appropriately with the word of the week. SO, if you would like me to do some custom art for you or a loved ones birthday or whatever, GIVE ME A SHOUT. You can contact me through here or through my facebook page (link at the side) or a multitude of other ways I think. There are plenty of links at the side, just check them out or something. I'm happy to take any questions and discuss things such as prices or even just to chat about a future idea you might have.