Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Now then, I'm once again being somewhat cheeky with my Illustraion Friday entry (two in one week!). I really liked doing my spider-dan image, I think I really like doing night-time cartoons. So that was my first thought when doing this. Let's make it night time. Then I wanted some kind of monster. Then I think I had a torch out in my flat and thought OH IMAGINE YOU'RE CAMPING AND THERE'S A MONSTER BEHIND YOU. So there you have it! I think the thought process really was that straight forward. Now, the word "hidden" is implied due to the nature of the cheeky monster. He hasn't been spotted, hence he's hidden. I think I might stick this in my portfolio actually. Yeah, I will.


  1. Yahh! This makes me want to yell "Look out!" but that doesn't make sense -- the poor guy can't hear me. Cool illustration!

  2. Haha you can still yell out though! In fact I recommend that you do just that right now! Thank you :D