Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Amazing Bananagirl...

Earlier this week my facebook page managed to just tip over the 100 mark (YAY ME!). As a show of appreciation, I did a custom illustration for lucky number 100. I was thinking of doing this for every 100 (or at least every 50, the rate at which my numbers are growing is absolutely feeble at this point).
The lovely lady who was lucky number 100 requested that I draw her as a vegan (YAY VEGANS!) superhero called banana girl (she eats a lot of bananas).
I did try and do several full body concepts in my initial sketches but in the end settled for my usual portrait-style. It allowed me to apply more detail to her face which I think is what people are going to be most interested in when it comes to custom pieces. I had fun with it and she seemed happy with it too :)

In regards to sharing this for the Illustration Friday word "power" I guess it can loosely fall under the term "super power"... Ok I'm being sly and I actually have a sketch that would be much better suited to that word in the post below this so MAYBE I'll do something specifically for the topic, but in the meantime BANANAGIRL TO THE RESCUE... or something.

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