Friday, 23 November 2012

Writers For Animals now available on Amazon

No new drawings to share today, it's all about the essay now. Although our head of year insists that it isn't an essay it certainly feels like one. I'm on the final stretch now but it's been such a nightmare.

On a brighter note, a book that I provided some illustrations for called Writers For Animals is now for sale! The writers and illustrators all did this for free and the proceeds of the book sales go towards animal charities. I will be buying my copy soon! I've got to say that I wish I had done better illustrations for it now. At the time I was told that I had to do black and white with no tonal areas and to make it clear. Onwards and upwards though, hopefully we will see some of my Animal Equality designs available to purchase soon too.

On the subject of animal rights illustration, I've got another image that I'm going to be finishing up soon that I'll probably give to Animal Equality too but for now I've got to focus on this essay. I'll update soon with the progress.

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