Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dairy is no laughing matter for cows

Ok so this is the new animal rights bit of work I've done. I'm trying to reach out to vegetarians because dairy and eggs are just as much products of death as meat itself. I'd be willing to say that the dairy industry is actually worse due to it's horrific, exploitative process. Cows are raped, their calves are taken from them (and killed, shipped off for veal or become new dairy cows) and they are milked dry. This is a repetitive process that continues for approximately 5 years (one fifth of a cows natural life) until the milk yields drop below the required quantity. Finally, after this 5 years of torture and misery, the cow is then killed for low-grade meat. I intend to make another image to do with "free range" eggs too. Nobody wants to hear all of this though unfortunately.

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