Sunday, 20 April 2014

New story, website live and doodles...

Hello again! Well, it's almost time to send my book off to Macmillan. Exciting! I don't expect much to come from it but there's always Kickstarter. I know for a fact that I can create demand in vegan circles for this book even if it's only a run of 100 or so.

I've got a new story on the go too. So far the working title is "Liar" but that's probably going to change. It's about a fox that tells elaborate stories about how he is the best at everything. Here's an early sketch of him to feast your eyes upon. I'll keep y'all in the loop with regards to what happens with this story but I'm loving writing it and I absolutely can't wait to get drawing!

Also my website is now live. I've registered the name for a year and I've upgraded my moonfruit account to remove all of their branding from the page. Let me know what you think!

Oh and I drew this MIB doodle last night while watching, can you believe it, men in black. The main reason I do seemingly pointless doodles like this isn't just because it's fun, but because I'm finding my feet with this way of working. I've basically only drawn monsters in this way of working so a lot of these not-so-brilliant images are testers to see what's possible. So for this I was drawing humans that had to resemble their real life counterparts. This is something I haven't had to do yet and I didn't know how far I could take it. The same applies to the Eiffel Tower image I posted about earlier. I hadn't had a chance to draw a building until that doodle so I didn't know it would work. I expect there will be lots of these little testers popping up over the next few months. I'm not really big on this image overall. I think it's too obvious, there's no action occurring and it resembles a standard poster of the movie too much. Still, we draw and we learn. That's the point.

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