Friday, 21 February 2014

An update! YES AN UPDATE!

Well well well! It's certainly been a busy month or so. Or more? I lose track. I've been regularly blogging my progress on a children's book I'm writing and illustrating called The Takers over here.

So what's new?

Well first off, myself and four other illustrators won a competition to have our artwork on one-off skateboards as decorative wall pieces. That was nice! My image represents the word "Education" which, I think you'll agree with me, is traditionally depicted by a giant brain monster eating books, and I do love being traditional. What? That's not normal? Well it won so I'm a happy chappy.

Second, I was lucky enough to have a tutorial with the wonderful children's book illustrator and author Elissa Elwick. She was able to give me some feedback on my current book. Also it turns out that she's a vegan too! So naturally I geeked out a little bit. I hope she didn't notice. So go and check out her blog here if you want to geek out too. Below is a sample of her work.
Third, Valentines day commissions. Well, commission, singular. I did this crazy cartoon for a good friend of mine and his girlfriend. And, in case you were wondering, the unicorn in the picture has consented to his girlfriend sitting on his back while they destroy the evil space aliens. Wouldn't be very vegan of me otherwise would it. No, it wouldn't! I'm also considering using the designs of these cheeky little aliens for future work, maybe a short comic or a kiddies book. Something! I just like them is all.

 Fourth, after about a month of character designing (and I really mean that) I really have an absolute ton to choose from for my story. More importantly though, I've hit upon a visual language that is appropriate to children's books. Below is a page I'm working on in preparation for a critique as well as a couple of strange characters.

I've got another commission in the works soon too, and when that project is all wrapped up you can feast your eyes upon it. Also I'm helping interview students for our university on Monday. MWUHAHAHAAAA. But seriously, it's gonna be great and I'm super excited to see my *clears throat* future competition. I'll do what I can to make sure they don't stress too much though, I know how scary that interview is, especially when you're desperate for a place at the uni in question.

In the meantime, remember to check out my final major project (my kids book) progress over here and keep being cool!


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