Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Old work for IF... Tension

I can't stress enough that I'm suffering with possibly the worst creative block I've ever experienced. I wanted to do something for IF, it usually brings me out of any kind of creative shit storm I'm experiencing but as I don't have anything new still, I thought I'd show an old page for a book that I wrote and illustrated called Poppy the Badger. Hopefully if I get some more traffic towards my blog then I can get a little motivated and break this block!

Oh and this is one of the pages that I removed text from. Just to put it into context, Poppy the bader had stayed in a fox den with some cubs over night (because she has lost her mum) and in the morning the cubs father came home and chased her from the den due to the fact that he had encountered people before and was scared that due to the badger cull, she would lead humans to the foxes family. TENSE. Here's a link to the book actually if you want a little read for kids.

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