Saturday, 16 March 2013

Self promotion

I've been working hard all morning (and afternoon I guess now!) trying to sort out all of my illustration bits and bobs. You may notice the new links at the side of the page to facebook, twitter, society6 and my portfolio. It took a long time to sift through A LOT of images for my facebook page. I still have to sort out my twitter to a degree (by adding some of my work) and I need to put more stuff up on to society6 but I feel so much better knowing that I'm working towards something.

On a slightly different note, the last couple of days I've been sharing some of my old animal rights cartoons with the facebook page "vegan cartoons". After playing around with my illustration page on facebook I went back to mine only to find that 269life have shared one of my images in order to show the true face of the dairy industry! I couldn't be more happy! It will get so much more exposure this way (fans of their page have shared it 43 times already!) than me sharing it myself. I'm just glad that my work is out there and that my message is out there too. Here's the screenshot :)

And several hours later...

Assuming that on average, each person who shared that image has approximately 200 friends then that's an AWFUL lot of people that have been exposed to my work and my message. It's a damn good feeling :)

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