Saturday, 19 January 2013


Oh how I love the old school Jason and the Argonauts films. They are amazing to watch back now for the sheer wonder of stop motion animated mythological creatures and also for the pure comedy that the acting often was. Really funny stuff! Anyway, the word of the week on IF is "Myth" so here's my beloved Jason looking dead chuffed with himself.


  1. I reckon this is by far my favourite this week, if not only for the words 'dead chuffed' and referencing the Jason and the Argonauts movie - I watched that religiously as a kid... and hey, whose to say skeletons don't walk like that anyway?!
    great work

    1. Dude I was the same, it seemed like the films were ALWAYS on the TV! I used to crap myself at the giant, bronze Talos statue! The week is young though, I'm sure that there will be some phenomenal posts as always. I'd prefer to spend a little more time on what I submit but I desperately need to do my uni work! Thanks for the feedback :)