Friday, 16 November 2012


I've got a few bits and bobs from last week that I failed to upload. I've been stressing out over a stupid, shitty essay that I have to do so it's stopped me from drawing for the time being but hopefully I'll have some new stuff to upload within this final week of the first unit.

ALSO I've been notified that the book "writers for animals" will be available to purchase on amazon next week (it's available already on kindle) so once I get my copy I'll take some photos of it in context. It's a shame that the illustrations I provided were a bit sucky. I was told to keep them simple and not to use areas of tone BUT I've seen another persons work and it DOES have tone. I feel pretty shit about it but onwards and upwards! I want to be able to get my tshirt designs from Animal Equality bought and slapped on to my sweaty torso. Anyway, here's a few sketch book pages.

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